CSI: New York star A.J. Buckley is the resident comedian on a show that will never, ever be mistaken for a comedy. Still, he’s good with that.

“If you look at the first season of CSI, it was darker, gloomy and really depressing. Not even one joke,” says Buckley who plays scientist Adam Ross on the series.

“I think my character came on in the second season as sort of the light in the darkness.
Whenever there’s a heavy bit, I show up to crack a joke.”

Still, a “joke” on CSI: NY — which begins its seventh season this week — ain’t exactly your usual knee-slapper.

“Sometimes the comedy is just in the scientific jargon. Make it funny they say. And I’m like — just how do you do that? I read them and think – what the hell am I saying?”

Buckley, who was born in Ireland and raised in British Columbia, says changes for the newest season of CSI: NY will be minimal. Original cast member Melina Kanakaradis (who played Stella) has left the show however, and will be replaced this season by Sela Ward.

Which is too bad for Buckley’s character — who had a one-nighter with Stella last season.

“You sleep with me, you leave the show,” jokes Buckley. “Naww, it was sad to see Melina go. But Sela Ward brings an incredible new dynamic.”

Staying with the funny, Buckley recently wrote/directed and starred in an Internet side project, GhostFacers. It’s based on Ed Zeddmore, a character Buckley played on the popular series Supernatural.

A silly parody of paranormal reality series like Ghost Hunters, GhostFacers has become an Internet hit in the last year. More webisodes are already in the works.

“GhostFacers — we’re the real ghost hunters,” Buckley insists. “They’ve never even seen a ghost. We’ve caught ghosts. One of our guys was actually killed by a ghost.”