Bare arms, bare shoulders, bare legs and even a few bare toes — Torontonians wasted no time in shedding winter layers for an unseasonably warm March Monday.

As the afternoon temperature hit a balmy 14 C, the fussy hats, scarves and jackets of the cold months were shed as the sunshine-starved turned their faces to the skies.

“I just felt like walking in the sand a little bit,” said Rajib Islam, 34, as he strolled shoeless along the beach near Ashbridge’s Bay. His friend, Rukshana Shapla, had also shed her socks and footwear.

“I like how it feels,” she said.

The two walked down from their downtown homes when they felt the warmth on their faces in the morning. “It is odd to walk without shoes in March,” said Islam.

They might have been odd, but they weren’t alone. Bare-legged cyclists whizzed by on the waterfront trail and a few shoeless sunbathers dipped their toes into Lake Ontario.

March may not have come in like a lion, but it’s going to roar at us a bit before the first official day of spring, on the 21st. Temperatures are predicted to dip below zero later this week, bringing rain, perhaps even snow.