Edmonton is a long way from Maranello, Italy but for four days many Edmontonians will get as close as they may ever get to a beautiful new Ferrari.

The Edmonton Motor Show begins tomorrow at the Edmonton Expo Centre and Ferrari is back after missing last year’s show.

“When I first got here over 10 years ago you didn’t see a whole lot of exotics on the road and now you’re seeing a lot more,” said the motor show’s manager, Bob Vilas. “It’s not because Edmontonians like to be flashy but they’ve made some money, they have a disposable income, and they’re starting to enjoy it in different ways.”

Paul Faverin, general manager of Ferrari Maserati of Alberta, said the market in Alberta for exotic cars like Ferraris and Maseratis is ready to explode and he’s looking forward to meeting with potential customers.

“The market in both cities is waiting for the switch to be turned on,” he said. “We’re all waiting for something positive to say, we’re out of it, it’s okay to go out and spend some money on a toy.”

And Faverin and his colleagues will be bringing a few of those toys for people to dream about.

“We’re bringing both Maseratis and Ferraris,” said Robert Vacca, director of marketing for Ferrari. “On the Maserati side we’re going to have the Quattroporte and the Gran Turismo. On the Ferrari side we’re going to have the Ferrari California.”

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