They say nothing is certain in life except death and taxes.

The White House ought to send out a memo.

Three of U.S. President Barack Obama’s appointees have admitted to underpaying their taxes. Even Obama apologized for not taking the issue seriously enough.


“I think I screwed up. And, you know, I take responsibility for it and we're going to make sure we fix it so it doesn't happen again," he said.

The first to admit short-changing the U.S. Treasury was the man appointed to head it. Timothy Geithner was late paying $34,000 US, but he got the job anyway. Nancy Killefer was offered a government finance job, but withdrew her candidacy after she admitted her own finances had tax problems. The third admission came from Tom Daschle, who was poised to become the secretary of health.

He was late paying $140,000, due in part to income taxes for his use of a chauffeured car that a friend offered him for free. Daschle also withdrew.

Most people don't expect a free ride from rich friends, or from the tax man. And with two departures and Obama’s apology, the signal is sent.

Looks like the White House won't need to send out that memo.

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