Porsche’s Boxster is exemplary in every way



Considered one of the world’s most balanced and rewarding-to-drive cars, the Porsche Boxster S is designed for sunny days, balmy breezes and twisting roads.



It is hard to imagine a vehicle more ideally suited to the much-anticipated arrival of spring than the mid-engine Porsche Boxster S.

Considered one of the world’s most balanced and rewarding-to-drive cars, the S (and its smaller-engined and less costly Boxster sibling) delivers the very essence of a sports car — two seats, open top and impeccable handling. Either model is designed for sunny days, balmy breezes and twisting roads.

For 2007, the Boxster twins get more power and that is always a good thing. Porsche has been making horizontally-opposed, 6-cylinder engines for longer than most of us have been driving and has it down to a science, literally.

The $63,600 basic Boxster gets a 2.7-litre unit producing 245 horsepower (five more than the ‘06 model), while the $77,300 Boxster S gets a new and larger “six,” displacing 3.4-litres and putting 295 hp to the rear wheels (up from 3.2 litres and 280 hp).

Both engines now have a revised valve system that allowed engineers to tune them for better pulling power at lower speeds. The Boxster comes with a 5-speed manual transmission while the faster S variant has a 6-speed. The latter is also available as an option on the base Boxster. You can also specify a revised version of Porsche’s shift-it-yourself 5-speed Tiptronic automatic box.

To drive a Boxster vigorously on twisty roads is to learn the meaning of balance and experience with an incredible level of road grip. Drive into a corner deeper and faster than might seem unwise and, after a touch of front-end push, it simply sticks and turns.

Unlike Porsches of old, you can make a mistake and back off the throttle going into a turn, or nail it coming out, and the rear end stays just where you hope it will. If you are too aggressive or ham-fisted, the standard electronic stability management system ensures you stick around to enjoy the next corner.

The steering feels as though your fingertips are touching the surface of the road, providing feedback and directional input that other manufacturers should copy. The brakes are similarly impressive, siphoning off speed time and time again with complete poise even though — according to the new standard tire pressure monitoring system — we were driving hard enough to raise pressures by a couple pounds on each tire. Not to be outdone, the suspension, too, soaks up minor and medium imperfections with aplomb.

Over and above the extra power, other improvements to the Boxster include improved access to the coolant and oil filler caps, which results in additional rear trunk space, and the availability of 19-inch, two-tone alloy wheels.

The Boxster was already considered one of the world’s premier sports cars. The 2007 version simply raises the bar a touch higher.

2007 Porsche Boxster

  • Type: Compact 2-pass. roadster RWD

  • Price::$63,600/ $77,300 (S)

  • Engine: 2.7-litre H6DOHC/3.4-litre H6 DOHC

  • Horsepower: 245 @ 6,500 rpm/295 @ 6,250 rpm

  • Torque (lb-ft): 201 @ 4,600 rpm/ 251 @ 4,400 rpm

  • Highlights: Impeccable handling, incredible balance and grip, steering response, power increase.