Chris Bolin for metro calgary


Metro Calgary reporter Theresa Tayler shows off a chocolate-dipped strawberry she sampled yesterday.


Metro reporter Theresa Tayler will be sampling some of the finer fare down on the grounds during this year’s Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. She’ll tell y’all the hits and misses on the Grub on the Grounds.


The strawberries could have been riper, but the chocolate was in perfect season.

Today’s treat: Strawberries and bananas dipped in chocolate.

It’s fruit, so it must be healthy, right?

Yesterday’s midway treat cost me $5, and came with two strawberries and two pieces of banana dipped in luscious chocolate. The berries were slightly bitter and the bananas a little brown, but that isn’t to say the desert treat was a fruitless effort.

Those with a definite sweet tooth and chocoholics alike will want to sample this refreshing midway treat at the Calgary Stampede.

Healthier than mini-doughnuts and not quite as filling, it’s a better choice for those who plan on riding the zipper or roller-coaster after eating.