Following the success of Dove Hair’s Shine and Luminance magazine,
which was released last summer, comes yet another issue of the magazine
that celebrates real women.

Due to the amazing feedback and demand for the magazine last year, Dove
Hair Care’s brand manager Yolanda Reimer says they had to put out
another edition.

“This is the second issue for Shine magazine and we will be printing
almost one million copies for 2008,” says Reimer. “As for a third year
of Shine in 2009, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Reimer says the magazine will include solutions for repairing and
protecting your hair, tips for achieving voluminous, shiny and
frizz-free styles, and a feature on the winner of the first-ever Dove
Real Hair Stylist award.

The magazine will also include an earnest article about a mother’s view
on how marketing impacts her daughter and how to help young people
develop stronger self-esteem.

“There’s (also) going to be a whole lot more that I can’t divulge. I
can assure everyone (that) it’s going to be a mix of useful tips,
entertaining features and thought-provoking elements,” she says. “Shine
Magazine is for all Canadian women. Throughout the magazine we will
feature women of different ages, backgrounds and with different hair

Shine is the first ever, real hair magazine to be created in Canada.
It’s a realistic and achievable approach to showcasing beautiful hair
that is possible for every woman to create.

Reimer says they want to celebrate how waking up with “a healthy and beautiful head of hair helps a woman shine all day.”

The magazine will feature dozens of real Canadian women who will be selected from the online entries.

“The women we choose will have had no modeling experience and the photos featured in Shine will be the selected ladies at their best with no altering of their look in post-production,” adds Reimer.