Boston’s mid-century modern fans just got lucky. No longer will they have to schlep over the river to Cambridge to browse the goodies at that suave store, Reside. Last month, the vintage furnishing emporium, owned by Pamela Watts, expanded with a second location in the South End.

“When I looked at my customer base, most of it was north of the river,” says Watts. “I was offered this spot in the South End, and it seemed perfect. So far, even with the weather, that’s proving to be true,” Watts says of healthy first month sales figures.

But that was only one reason behind the decision.

“I was passing on so much good stuff,” adds Watts of her treasure hunting. “Now I have the room and can buy more.”

Also, she had a great person in mind to head Reside South End: her jewelry designing daughter, Nicole.

“She has such a talent for design,” says Watts proudly.

Mid-century modern refers to exterior and interior design from the late 1940s to mid-1960s. It blends the simplicity and utilitarian ideas of the early 1930s Bauhaus movement with arts and crafts, and even space-age Googie design. But Watts wants to expand to include everything from art deco — “If it’s unusual and interesting enough” — to what’s dubbed Third Quarter — that is, post mid-century modern.

“Good design is good design. We can now include a greater range of 20th century design and use the South End store to test expanding the collection,” says Watts. “It seems there’s a good response. I just have to trust my gut instinct.”

Reside South End
1409 Washington St., Boston
266 Concord Ave., Cambridge