Due to bad weather conditions, a special aircraft, scheduled to land yesterday, delayed its arrival at the City Centre Airport until today.

Carrying with it memories of the past, the Canadian Warplane Heritage’s Lancaster Bomber, dedicated to Second World War pilot and Victoria Cross recipient Andrew Mynarski, is more than just an old airplane to Tom Hinderks, executive director of the Alberta Aviation Museum.

“My father was a Lancaster pilot in the Second World War and my father-in-law was a tail gunner, that’s a huge connection for me in my family,” said Hinderks.

“It’s a piece of history that connects us back to people like Andrew Mynarski and all the others that have contributed to where we are today.”

The Alberta Aviation Museum houses many aircrafts with flying simulations, but Hinderks explained the experience is nothing compared to seeing the real thing in action.

“You can’t read about it in a book, and you can’t play it on a video game ... The sound of the engine literally goes through you.”

The aircraft will remain in Edmonton for viewing until Thursday.