Thousands speak out about licence plate changes

Robin Kuniski/For Metro Calgary


Alberta licence plates are the centre of a popular debate on whether or not they should undergo a facelift. The idea of reintroducing the front plate is also being bandied about.

Tens of thousands have weighed in on possible changes to Alberta licence plates, including the reintroduction of plates to vehicle fronts.

Eoin Kenny, spokesperson for Service Alberta, told Metro that since a consultation survey was posted on the website in November almost 25,000 Alberta drivers have responded.

“People have responded on a level that really nobody could have imagined. Everyone has a licence plate and there are more cars and more cars per household than ever before because of the prosperity,” Kenny said, referring to the massive response.

While the survey includes questions on graphics changes, colours, style and a letter-number system on the plates, the biggest question is whether or not to bring back front licence plates.

“There are as many people who want them as who don’t want them. Law enforcement agencies, rural crime watchdogs and even school bus drivers all want them. Then there are also a lot of people who don’t,” Kenny said.

Some of those people who don’t include those from Edmonton who created a Facebook group called “Say No To Front Licence Plates in Alberta.”

The main reason the group seems opposed to the plates is because of the way it would make the car look, and the fact most new cars are not fitted for front licence plates.

But Insp. Gord Pelly of the Calgary Police Service Traffic Section said the only reason people don’t want the change is for vanity purposes.

“There is no good reason not to have the plates. There is no valid reason. People opposed are opposed because they don’t like the way it looks. But there is no downside to the front plates,” Pelly said.

The website is offering the consultation for all Albertans at www.licenseplate.alberta.cauntil Jan.31.

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