Daniel Radcliffe (Harry)

Currently singing and dancing in the Broadway musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, the 21-year-old earned rave reviews, even if the production itself didn’t. People want to like him and he wants to be liked.

Chances of future success: 4 out of 5 wands

Emma Watson (Hermione)

Already a fashion magazine staple, Watson has left the genre ghetto for trendy indies. She’s just finished filming The Perks of Being a Wallflower, a comedy co-starring Paul Rudd. Sadly, she won’t have a college degree to fall back on — Watson left Brown University last fall before graduating.

Chances of success: 5 out of 5 wands

Rupert Grint (Ron)

Is he ambitious, or just a stoner? Either way, Ron will continue to do what he did in between Potters: make likeable movies that no one will see, including the war drama Comrade and Eddie the Eagle, about the U.K.’s first Olympic ski jumper.

Chances of success: 3 out of 5 wands

Tom Felton (Draco)

He can die saying he starred in Harry Potter and was Emma Watson’s first on-set crush; what more does Felton need to do? His choice: Getting attacked by primates in Ride of the Planet of the Apes, out this August.

Chances of success: 2 out of 5 wands

Alan Rickman (Snape)

He’s always chasing Harry Potter — now all the way to Broadway. Rickman will star in The Seminar, a new play, this fall.

Chances of success: How dare you ask? After Die Hard, Potter and countless plays, the man’s a legend. Plus, we’re too scared to say otherwise.

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