A head scarf should pose no threat to anyone. Those who force women to wear it are those who should be punished, not the women who wear the hijab as part of their faith.

There is a security issue, but I see this as something that we should compromise on. I agree that everyone should have their face visible for government ID and such, but when simply going for a walk, there should be no restrictions on what anyone can wear.

If one law abolishes the veil, that is only the beginning of the invasion of religious rights.This is not only a response to the new French laws, but also a message to those who wish to see this law imposed in Canada.

I am Canadian. I was born in Ottawa and was been brought up in Canadian culture. I am a Muslim convert and, as such, I see both sides of the argument.

I wear the hijab proudly as a symbol of my faith. Many people see the veil as a way to control women. They argue that we live in a modern society where women are free.

That is true and for that I am grateful. But if we force women to take off their hijab or niqab, are we not as bad as those who force it upon them?

– Samantha Bell, Toronto

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