Vancouver’s first quick-charging electric vehicle (EV) station was unveiled at Olympic Village yesterday.

This method of charging is called CHAdeMo, which is Japanese for “How about some tea?” (while you charge your car).

EVs usually take upwards of 14 hours to receive a full charge, but by using a quick-charging station, a driver can be back on the road in half an hour.

Daniel Devora, major projects co-ordinator at Telus World of Science, said the station is part of a bigger go-green initiative.

“Right now, probably not a lot of customers will have an EV vehicle, but it will provide a good story to them to see the benefits (of owning one).”

B.C. Hydro and the City of Vancouver will be using the station to charge three cars. The station is free for now and will be relocated to Science World in about a month.

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