Bubble’s Mansion may be the home of a popular TV character, but this week it is also the setting of a play.

“Our actors are getting more used to having the action happen so it includes the audience,” said Ted Rafuse. “There isn’t a fourth wall with the audience watching through that.”

Rafuse and co-director André Davey are presenting Eric Bogosian’s Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll at the popular nightspot tonight through Sunday. Davey said the play, about men and what society tells them they should be, gives the American dream a reality check.

“It is a comment on how he views society in America; seeing it as a drive for money, fame, fortune, all those things,” said Davey. “He looks at the pros and the cons of going for that dream.”

“I could see little pieces of my own personality in them,” Rafuse said. “There are so many things that you have to do to get what you want out of life, and maybe they are not necessarily positive things you have to endure to get what you want.

The play is being presented by Purple Octogon Theatre. Its previous performances in Halifax included a stage version of Pulp Fiction and another Eric Bogosian story, SubUrbia.

Like those productions, this play has also been set in locations that relate to the story and where audiences, not used to traditional theatres spaces, feel comfortable.

“Especially in Halifax, where there is such a high university crowd, people don’t always get to see theatre because of the price,” said Rafuse. “We are also putting it in a place where that audience is a little more familiar with.

“So, they can still order a drink between acts during the show."

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