A Winnipeg-born teacher who taught in Egypt during the revolution is raising money for the country through a book of stories and artwork created by her students during the uprising.

“My idea was to get them to write it down and talk it about it,” said Amita Khandpur, who has self-published the book titled The Revolution Through the Eyes of Children.

Khandpur taught in Egypt for five years before returning to teach in Manitoba last July.

She lived and taught in Egypt throughout the revolution, with the exception of a 10-day stretch last February when she was forced to briefly leave.


The stories, drawings and photographs in Khandpur’s 35-page book come from a project she had her 23 Grade 3 students undertake to help them process and understand the things they saw during the conflict.

Khandpur began selling the book about a month ago and she’s already sold nearly 100 copies. It is selling for $20 with proceeds being sent back to Egypt to help pay for things like food and medical costs.

To order a copy, email Khandpur at thereveloutionbook@gmail.com.

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