Boston Officer Shana Cottone ran into a buring North End building, saving residentBoston Police Department

She’s a Boston police officer, yet that didn’t stop Officer Shana Cottone from turning into a fire hero when help was needed most.


Cottone was the toast of the city Wednesday after running into a burning home in the North End and rescuing several residents and a family pet.


Her name was back in the news two years to the day after she stepped up during the Boston Marathon bombing, reports . She was 50 feet away from the second bomb and tended to survivor Roseann Sdoia at the scene, according to account in The Boston Globe .


“I saw smoke coming out of a building so I called it in and drove towards the smoke,” she said of Tuesday afternoon’s heroics inside One Stillman Place.


“I was the first to arrive on the scene and when I saw the flames, I knew I needed to go in to make sure everybody was out,” she told reporters later that night.


Cottone was treated for smoke inhalation and an a firefighter suffered burns to the hands, reports.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

“I think I did what any police officer would’ve done. This is why we do the job. When people need help, we respond,” she said.

“I didn’t need to run into a burning building to appreciate my fellow brother and sister firefighters, but I appreciate them even more after today,” she said in a later Boston Police Department account.