Owen Wilson, left, Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon star in You, Me And Dupree.


You, Me And Dupree

Stars: Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson

Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Rating: PG

* (out of five)

You, Me And Dupree takes a very good idea and beats it to death right in front of you, for almost two solid hours.

Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson play a newly married couple whose happy home is invaded by Dillon’s best friend Dupree, a happy-go-lucky doofus (played by Owen Wilson) who proceeds to drive them crazy.

Well, he drives Hudson crazy, what with his carefree ways and his lazy delight in doing nothing and his habit of being found in an embarrassing state of undress — sometimes alone, sometimes not. Dillon makes apologies for the big dope because he’s his best friend and that’s how it is with best friends, and so forth.

That’s how it goes for the first half of the movie: Wilson screws stuff up, and Hudson gets mad, and Dillon shrugs and smiles. Look at him now, trying to skateboard like a cool teenager! Oh, that wacky Dupree!

And then, overnight, the dynamic shifts, and it’s Hudson who finds Wilson adorable, and Dillon who wants him out.

There’s no reason for it; it’s as though scriptwriter Mike LeSieur just forgot which dialogue belonged to which character. That becomes a kind of running theme to You, Me And Dupree: Stuff just happens. (The soundtrack’s equally schizoid, alternating Rolfe Kent’s twinkly, forever-young underscore with mismatched singles from Coldplay, The Cult and The Clash — the hallmark of someone trying to save the film in post-production.)

The few jokes that actually work are yanked from other movies — Seth Rogen wanders over from The 40-Year-Old Virgin and brings the box-of-porn gag, and Lance Armstrong repeats his Dodgeball cameo. They were a lot funnier the first time around. So were Wilson’s whimsical hijinx, now that I think of it.

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