Elaine Charal, a certified graphologist, has been interpreting handwriting for 15 years. She turned her eyes to the scribbles of Toronto’s frontrunners.

Joe Pantalone — Pantalone’s high capital letters indicate a high level of confidence. The flat-bottom loop on his capital ‘J’ shows his need to excel. The rounded circle on the ‘o’ in his first name indicates Joe prefers to edit his words around uncomfortable issues.

Rocco Rossi — Rossi’s signature is illegible, which shows he is a private person. His script is quick, indicating an equally quick mind. The ‘threading’ in Rocco’s signature indicates him to be the consummate politician, able to adapt to any given situation.

George Smitherman — The figure-8 formations in Smitherman’s signature (the double figure-8 stroke in the ‘G’ and ‘S’) indicate that he can talk his way into or out of most situations. But in Smitherman’s case, that could lead to doing a tap dance around issues.

Sarah Thomson — Thomson’s vertical slant indicates she is objective, poised and cool under pressure. Her high capitals indicate her confidence; her readable signature indicates she is genuine — what you see is what you get.

Rob Ford — Ford joins his first initial to his family name, indicating quick-mindedness. The angles within Ford’s signature show an incisive, analytical mind: he always asks “why” when presented with information. The final stroke of his signature “zooms” skyward, indicating his driving ambition.

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