Thanks to a little movie called Avatar, this year will see 19 films being released in 3-D in the US. By comparison, in 2008, there was only five. A large number of these 3-D films will be released for the entertainment hungry hoards of the summer.

But after Avatar, How to Train Your Dragon, and Alice in Wonderland — which, judging by their ticket sales (well over 2.5 billion combined), everyone saw — are we reaching 3-D fatigue?

Simply put by Harry Medved, of New York movie chain Fandango: No way.

“3-D shows something you haven’t seen before. Movie goers think, ‘I’ve got my $10 bucks. Do I really want to pay for a movie that I can see at home? Or do I want to see something that will give me a more unique experience?’ It’s changing the game.”

The popularity of the new crop of 3-D films is due to the fact that they actually deliver the goods, unlike their cheesy counterparts of the 50s.

“3-D was never done well until Avatar. he says. “And frankly, directors never saw the potential of 3-D until that film.”

It’s the CGI technology that is making these films become the immersive and interactive experiences they now are. “Basically, special effects technology has finally caught up with the imagination of Hollywood’s best story tellers.”

A summer of 3-D flicks

What you’ll be seeing in more dimensions that two this summer:
• May 21: Shrek Forever After
• June 18: Toy Story 3
• July 9: Despicable Me
• July 30: Cats & Dogs 3: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
• Aug. 6: Step-Up 3-D

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