Rarely have medals tasted so delicious.

Two university students unveiled their winning designs for gold, silver and bronze for the Halifax 2011 Canada Winter Games yesterday. The actual medals haven’t been crafted yet, but the designs were iced on cookies for the unveiling at Saint Mary’s University.

Winning designers Amber Whyley and Marlon Solis agreed gold tasted best.

“We’re kind of business students and undercover artists at the same time,” said Whyley, who hails from the Bahamas.

They were surprised to learn they beat out about 90 other entrants to win the design bid.

“Nova Scotia has a rich history of living off the sea, so I think it made a good representation of where the games are held and what we’re all about here in Nova Scotia,” she said.

Solis, who was born in Malaysia, added he thinks they had a unique vision of Nova Scotia. “We connected with Canada because being immigrants, we felt distance from the rest of the community.”