Colio Winery wows with its Cabernet/Merlot

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Colio Winery gets a second mention this week with its Cabernet/Merlot.

This Lake Erie winery was one of the original locals but gets a lot less press than its Niagara cousins. Being a producer of good quality everyday wines should, but doesn’t, put a winery into the limelight.


The ’06 Cab/Merlot is a gutsy red in the style of Chianti. Refreshing and with the invitation to dig into a bowl of hearty pasta. Or bite into a big sloppy burger.

Colio’s wine may not wow the Shiraz drinkers but this is the style of wine that flows freely in European cafés where red wine is more about refreshment than niceness. As you might expect, there is a lot of Italian blood in the Colio operation.

Complete your Colio experience with its half bottle of sweet Vidal. Chill and sip anytime — or with biscotti or an almond cake. It’s the best value sweet wine in the world. (COLIO ’06 Late Harvest Harvest, Vidal; LCBO No.: 470369; $10.95/375ml.)

Colio has a few dozen boutique stores of its own that are worth a visit to explore wines you can’t find at the LCBO. Check out the tasty ’06 Gamay ($10.25) and the beautifully mellow, mature ’02 Merlot ($25). Visit www.coliowinery.comfor store locations.

Delicious Cabernet and Port at Vintages

There’s a lot of top quality wines produced today that sell for less than $15, such as this gem from Argentina. Plummy and yummy in the style of Merlot and with a charm that feels totally natural. Lively, too. Will make you feel like a king — so get lots. (FAMILIA SCHROEDER ’05 Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Saurus,’ Patagonia, Argentina; LCBO No.: 61986; $13.85).

And how about a vintage style and quality port for only $20?

Ferreira delivers great flavour and the distinctive deep earth/exotic character of port. Warmhearted, nourishing sweetness delivered with vitality. Dangerous drinkability! (FERREIRA LBV 2000 Port, Portugal; LCBO No.: 675751; $19.85).

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  • COLIO WINERY ’06 Cabernet/Merlot, Ontario

  • LCBO No.: 432054

  • Price: $10.90

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