If you’re looking for the place where buffalo wings started, you’ll naturally want to head to Buffalo, N.Y.

And if you want to join thousands of other wing fans in celebration of the deep-fried, saucy favourite, plan your trip for Labour Day weekend, when the city hosts the National Buffalo Wing Festival, this year on Sept. 5-6.

Last year’s wing fest drew over 78,000 people for events that include professional eating contests and sauce competitions. Wings are offered in an endless variety of flavours with sauces ranging from mild to suicidal, and there’s even an event in which contestants bob for wings in a pool of blue cheese.

Bottles of Frank’s RedHot, billed as the Official Wing Sauce of the National Buffalo Wing Festival, will be given away from a booth at the festival. The company’s celebrity chef and spokesman, Kevin Roberts, will be appearing in a celebrity chef challenge with the festival founder, Drew Cerza. Roberts will also take part in cooking demonstrations featuring RedHot recipes.

Buffalo’s Anchor Bar and its founders, Frank and Teressa Bellissimo, created Buffalo wings in 1964. Since then, wings have gone from a tavern snack to a mainstream restaurant menu item, with entire food chains built around their sale.