Holt Renfrew’s greeter puts customers at ease

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Tom Hargitai, the doorman of Holt Renfrew's flagship store on Bloor Street West, greets thousands of customers a week.

He is one of the most recognized faces to those who shop along Bloor Street West.

Tom Hargitai has been the official doorman for Holt Renfrew’s flagship location on Bloor for the past 16 years and is often referred to as the Mayor of Bloor Street West.

“He’s certainly the mayor. The mayor of luxury,” says Holt Renfrew shopper Alex Phillips.

For Hargitai, getting hired at Holt Renfrew was simply a stroke of luck.

“I was the first person to see the ad posted for the position and I called them immediately. Fifteen minutes later I had a job interview and the rest is history,” says Hargitai.

Hargitai came to Toronto from Montreal where he had owned and operated a café for five years prior to his job with Holt’s.

Today, after a decade and a half of working at Holt’s, Hargitai still looks forward to work because he says it is always an exciting and different day.

“I meet literally thousands of people a week. I have a 99 per cent smile ratio with our customers.”

While a welcoming personality on the job is a given skill for Hargitai, a love of the changing Canadian weather, and the ability to carry more shopping bags than the average person have all helped to seal his reputation in the community as the welcoming face of Holt Renfrew.

“I especially love working in September. There’s the energy of the new fashion season at Holt’s and the film festival and all the excitement around that is always an added bonus,” says Hargitai.

However, holding doors isn’t all Hargitai does.

When he needs a break from shopping bags and designer sunglasses, and he’s not wrapped up

in vintage cars, he retreats to his hideaway in Wasaga Beach.

Hargitai is the owner and operator of the Granada Motel & Cottage Court.

“It’s great to be able to provide Granada visitors with a getaway from the hustle and the bustle of the urban fast forward pace,” says Hargitai.

“While being the doorman at Holt’s is an amazing experience for me, it hasn’t taken away from my ability to multi-task and to run my own successful business. If anything the skills I use at one company I easily transfer to the next. It’s a win win situation for me.”

For more on Tom Hargitai visit www.thegranada.caor www.holtrenfrew.com.