For global pop outfit Pacifika making music is about more than just lyrics and beats.

The Vancouver-based trio is known for blending jazzy beats and electronica with latin flavour. Connecting with an audience and helping relate the stories behind each song is just as important as making music, according to the band’s members.

Each song on Asunción, the band’s latest album, was carefully crafted, with global rhythms, pop elements, mystic sounds and passionate melodies.


“The album itself was such a joy for us to record, there were moments that we had to work through, but overall I think the reason it worked out is the title Asunción,” Peruvian-born singer Sivana Kane tells Metro. “That’s the reason why it probably flows the way it does, because it was a really enjoyable process.”

Pacifika, which also includes Toby Peter and Adam Popowitz, plays Lula Lounge tonight. “It’s often difficult to recreate any album and really try to give the fans exactly what they hear,” says Popowitz. “But we’re pretty faithful to the arrangements and the vibe of our music. It’s, I would say, a lot more exciting live — we love bringing our (songs) alive.”

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