Toronto musician MC Abdominal performs at Harbourfront tonight.


With Thousands of concerts under his belt and 14 years touring across Europe, Asia, Australia and places inbetween MC Abdominal is coming home.

“The hometown crowd always goes bananas and have a lot of energy when I play here,” says the Toronto-based hip-hop artists who performs tonight at Harbourfront. Abdominal, a.k.a. Andy Bernstein, vows to serve up an energetic performance packed with fresh beats supplied by fellow Canadian artist DJ Fase.

It is his reputation for humour, high-energy shows and a knack for spraying sweat that helped Abdominal earn his name.

“I was all sweaty on stage and lifted my shirt to wipe the sweat off my forehead,” he says, recalling an early gig, ”A girl from the crowd shouted out ‘Nice abs,’ then DJ Serious called me MC Abdominal in passing and the name stuck.”

With his spectacular execution and breath control, Abdominal is a speed demon's lyricist whose strong command of wordplay, subject, and rhymes can send his listeners’ adrenaline racing.

His music is described as intelligent urban music, which he creates by laying down cheerful lyrics over funk, soul, retro and hip-hop beats.

“We like to switch it up on stage,” he says. “I perform my songs but not straight from the album. We start the show with lyrics and then fade the beats in. We also mix in a little top 40 and other songs to spice things up. Somewhere in the show we do a freestyle set, where DJ Fase hits some random beats and I freestyle off the top of my head and on things I see in the audience.”

Abdominal says he attempts to push himself musically on every track.

“Each song has to better than the one before. I want to outdo myself and everyone else.”

Abdominal’s latest release, Escape from the Pigeonhole, can be purchased at