Aboriginal art has made its way into pop culture.

Olympic sponsor Coca-Cola debuted its Aboriginal Art program Thursday by unveiling four carved and painted wooden Coke bottles that will be showcased across the country.

The bottles will be auctioned off after the Games, with proceeds going to the Aboriginal Education Fund.

Calvin Hunt, creator of the bottle Nawala (shown right), said this program was a win-win for him as it also helps promote First Nations art.

“What’s important is people realizing that (aboriginal) art has a rich heritage, from the Northwest Coast to the East Coast, and the diversity that these people have.”

Tewanee Joseph, chief executive officer of the Four Host First Nations, said he believes that this program will help shed a new light on the native communities.

“When you talk about 2010 and the spotlight coming onto Vancouver and Whistler, you will see a bright shining light on our artisans and our people.”