CALGARY — An accused gangster is one step closer to being sent back to Vietnam after an Immigration and Refugee Board tribunal dismissed his appeal of a five-year-old deportation order.

But Jackie Tran, also known as Nghia Trong Nguyen-Tran, will appeal Friday’s ruling through a federal judicial review, his lawyer, Ram Sankaran confirmed.

After being convicted of trafficking cocaine, Tran was first ordered deported to his birth country of Vietnam on April 20, 2004.


Tran, who denies belonging to the Fresh Off the Boat Killers gang, appealed that decision, which was dismissed in January, 2008.

Tran then launched another appeal based on humanitarian grounds as he is the sole source of support for his young sister and disabled mother.

That led to Friday’s ruling.

The tribunal accepted the testimony of Calgary Police Sgt. Gavin Walker and ruled that Tran is an associate or member of the gang.

Canada Border Services Agency spokeswoman Lisa White said along with the original deportation order, they are now pursuing another order to remove him from the country based on organized criminality.

“We’re committed to ensuring that foreign nationals who are involved in organized crime are removed from Canada,” she said. “We have to wait until all legal stays of removal elapse and there’s no other impediments to removal.”

Final submissions for the organized criminality removal order will be given to the Immigration and Refugee Board by May 1, said White, adding there is no appeal if Tran is found to be a member of a criminal group.

Calgary police said they are “pleased” with yesterday’s decision to uphold the original deportation order.

“Mr. Tran continues to present a risk to public safety,” said Supt. Guy Slater of the division of specialized investigations.

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