An Ottawa man accused of killing a woman and taking over her apartment has been charged with two more murders in connection with the disappearance of two women dating back to 1990.

Camille Cleroux, 56, appeared in court on Friday to face first degree murder charges in connection with the disappearances of Lise Roy, who was 27 when she was last seen in 1990, and Jean Rock, aged 32 when she went missing in 2003.

The bodies of the two women have not been located.

According to police, both women were spouses of Cleroux and neither of the women had ever been reported missing to police. Family members contacted by investigators believed the women had simply moved away and had no further contact with their families.

Cleroux was arrested on June 2, following an investigation into the disappearance of 64-year-old Paula Leclair.

She had been reported missing by her son on May 29 after he discovered Cleroux living in her apartment on the ninth floor of an apartment building on Fairlea Crescent.

At first Cleroux told police that Leclair given him the unit after winning $50,000 in the lottery, but later told them where to find her body.

Following his arrest, Major Crime investigators received information that caused them to examine disappearance of two of Cleroux’s former spouses.

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