Uma Thurman's mother testified Tuesday that the man accused of stalking the actress for two years "was someone who would benefit from medical attention."

Birgitte "Nena" Thurman said the first time she spoke to the defendant, Jack Jordan, was in 2005 when he called her home in upstate Woodstock, N.Y. and told her that he "and my daughter had a predestination to be together."

Thurman said Jordan asked her to relay that in a message to the "Producers" star.

Thurman said she tried to "assure him in no uncertain terms that this was just a fantasy and he was projecting," and that her daughter had no interest in him.

Jordan responded then that "there was no meaning in life for him and he would kill himself in a matter of months," she said in Manhattan court.

Jordan, 37, a former mental patient, is charged with stalking and aggravated harassment. He was arrested in October 2007 after following and trying to contact Uma Thurman sporadically from early 2005 until about a month before his arrest. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted.

Birgitte Thurman said she had knowledge of Jordan before that telephone conversation, which lasted five-to-seven minutes, because the defendant had been e-mailing her husband, Robert, at work at Columbia University, where he is a professor of Indo-Tibetan studies.

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