For many people, work-life balance is a never-ending battle involving several tasks and people competing for our time and energy. While it’s impossible to control all the factors that impact work-life balance, help achieve a better synergy by following these five simple tips:

Slow Down. Life is simply too short, so don’t let it pass you by. Take time to stop and enjoy the things and people around you. Plan downtime into your week and find some ways to distance yourself from the things that cause you the most stress.


Use technology to streamline schedules. While a pen and paper can help keep you on track, don’t overlook technology as yet another weapon to make the most effective use of your day. Tools like Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 let you link each member of your family’s calendar allowing you to see what everyone’s got going on so you can plan accordingly.


Protect your personal time. Effective time management involves knowing when to shut things down. Turning off a cellphone or other wireless device establishes boundaries between your personal and professional time.


Share the Load. You don’t need to do it all. Really. Even though we may sometimes feel we’re the only ones capable of doing something, it’s usually not the case. Get your spouse or children to help you with your personal/family responsibilities. Managing and taking care of the household should not be the responsibility of just one person.

Learn to say “no.” Taking on too many tasks can be stressful and overwhelming. Learn to say no to things when there’s too much on your plate. This applies to both work and personal commitments. Rather than feeling guilty, you’ll learn that saying “no” can be really empowering.