While he said he can only remember flashes of what happened the night Nina Courtepatte was brutally murdered, Michael Briscoe says he saw one of the people accused in a murder trial on top of the victim.

Of five people charged in the sex assault and murder, only Briscoe has been acquitted, so far. He was testifying at the trial of a 19-year-old woman who was 16 when Courtepatte was killed. She is charged with first-degree murder, sexual assault and kidnapping.

“(Joseph Laboucan) asked (the accused) to do something to her, something like cutting her throat,” said Briscoe who would sometimes stop in the middle of sentences because he told court his memory “was toast.”


The woman is the last of the five people who have been charged in the death of Courtepatte to face trial. The teen was brutally murdered on a golf course west of Edmonton after being lured from West Edmonton Mall.

Laboucan and Michael Williams are currently serving life sentences for their part in the crime.

Briscoe says he couldn’t remember what the woman was doing on top of Courtepatte and he told court that he had a hard time seeing things since it was so dark when the teen was killed.

Briscoe said he remembered seeing knives, along with watching the teen brutally attacked by Laboucan.
The trial continues.


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