Suddenly it’s a whole lot easier to cycle and use transit together on the same trip. Thanks to a shift toward “active transportation,” it will soon be possible to combine transit and bikes for commuting or recreation right across the GTA.

GO Transit and several 905 systems have installed bike racks on all their buses and half of TTC routes are equipped, too. The rest are following.

Bicycle shelters are popping up at GO train stations and suburban transit hubs. More secure bike parking is also on its way — if you’re willing to spend a few dollars. This could come in the form of bike lockers at subway stops or fenced areas in GO’s new parking structures. As part of Bike Month, the City of Toronto will open a secure facility at Union Station this week.

The infrastructure to allow commuters to include pedal power is finally reaching critical mass.

Bikes are still forbidden inside transit vehicles during rush hour, but there are some notable exceptions.

GO allows folding bikes on the rail system, and regular bikes are permitted on some trains at peak times — but only in certain directions. See for the exact rules.

The new racks on GTA buses are also opening up the countryside. Take transit to the edge of the city, and then cycle to parks and trails. A great website called has trip suggestions.

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