Pro-marijuana activist Adam Scriver, his daughter Megan and demonstrator Len Hewer distribute leaflets to people about the "harmful effects" of Bill-C-26 in Burnaby yesterday.

A string of demonstrations at MPs’ offices saw pro-marijuana supporters handing out information leaflets at Burnaby MP Peter Julian’s constituency office yesterday. The federal government’s proposed Bill C-26, which was introduced last month is nothing more than marijuana prohibition, according to organizer Adam Scriver.

He said the feds are heading toward an American-style "tough on crime" stance with mandatory sentences for drug offences.

"If you look at their prison system, it just doesn’t work," he said, "They have five per cent of the world’s population and 25 per cent of the world’s prison population." (According to the Drug policy Alliance.)

If Parliament decides to pass the bill, the maximum sentence for growing marijuana could jump to 14 years.