Actor Rick Roberts


Rick Roberts, actor, is starring in the English premiere of John & Beatrice at the Tarragon Theatre Extra Space (previews started Feb. 13; show opens Feb. 20). His theatre credits include: The Anger In Ernest And Ernestine; Rune Arlidge; he had a regular role in the TV series Traders; starred in the series An American In Canada.

Q: What kitchen aromas bring back fond memories?

A: The smell of buttered toast makes me think of my Dad getting ready for work.

Q: Who is your favourite cook?

A: My wife Marjorie can make something from her imagination easily. It drives me crazy.

Q: What is your favourite food to cook?

A: I love to cook pizza. My kids demand it all the time. I also love to bake sourdough bread. I’m on an Indian food kick right now.

Q: Do you use cookbooks?

A: Yes. I must perfect a recipe before I start to improvise. I like to get a cookbook from a specific country and cook through it.

Q: How did the first meal you ever prepared by yourself turn out?

A: I cooked a chicken in tomato sauce in theatre school. I wildly overcooked the chicken because I was afraid of poisoning myself.

Q: What kitchen gadget can’t you live without?

A: My coffee grinder.

Q: What rituals from your background involving food do you partake in?

A: In the summer my Mom makes berry pies from fresh blueberries we pick near the cottage.

Q: Is there a cultural dish you prepare that ties into an event?

A: I make pizzas at most birthday parties.

Rick's Pizza Topping

Rick says, “Put this on your slice of pizza and you won’t regret it!”

What you’ll need:

  • 1 bunch of parsley

  • 8 cloves of garlic,chopped finely

  • juice of one lemon

  • salt and pepper

  • cover with olive oil

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