Actor shows Flash of genius

As ABC’s new hit series FlashForward has unfolded its mystery, drawing in viewers since its September premiere

As ABC’s new hit series FlashForward has unfolded its mystery, drawing in viewers since its September premiere, the folks behind the show have kept one of their highest-profile cast members a not-so-secret secret.

But this week that all changes, as Dominic Monaghan, previously of the Lord of the Rings films and ABC’s other puzzling hit, Lost, finally comes out of the shadows. Metro spoke with Monaghan about taking on another series.

What can you say about your character, Simon?

He graduated from university when he was 14, got a PhD when he was 15. He’s one of the smartest science-based brains in the Western world. Because of that, Simon is completely ostracized from society. He does not know how to interact with human beings. He has no tact. If you looked up “narcissistic” in the dictionary, there would probably be a picture of Simon.

And Simon knows something about the mysterious flash-forwards?

He has information about the flash-forwards, which he’s willing to help the FBI out with, but he’s not going to do it unless he gets what he wants. So there’s some kind of a golden handshake thing going on.

Is it true the producers wanted you for another role?

They were originally kind of interested in me playing one of the American parts. And I called my agent back and just said, you know what? At this point in my life, I don’t feel hugely American. I don’t feel entrenched in that idea of Lucky Strikes and hot dogs and Yankees. I don’t drive a Buick. At some point in my life I would like to play an American, but I’m not sure if this is the time.

So they worked with you on developing your character?

They initially said, What do you want to do? And I said I need to play a character that’s different from the last character that I played that a lot of people knew, which was Charlie on Lost. I want to play someone that’s proactive as opposed to reactive. I want to play someone that’s a man as opposed to a boy becoming a man. Someone that’s confident, someone that’s self-assured.

Are there any other ways Charlie and Simon are different?

I don’t think Simon can sing. Although I’m not sure if Charlie could either, actually.

With the attention the show has been getting, does it remind you of being on Lost?

It’s a mystery-based show, so because of that there’s a lot of questions. It’s not like, okay, here’s a hospital drama, and tell us about the characters. It’s a very grand piece of work. It’s ambitious. And I think Lost was ambitious as well.

What about Simon’s own flash-forward?

We’re not there yet. That happens in Episode 6 or 7, I think. But yeah, it’s definitely interesting.

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