A new Acura Design Studio has opened in Torrance, Calif.



The Acura MD-X Concept car was on display at the opening of the new Acura Design Studio in Torrance, Calif. The new facility will play a key role in the development of new concepts and designs leading directly to future products.

A new Acura Design Studio has opened its doors in Torrance, Calif., assuming a key role in the development of new concepts and designs that will lead directly to future products for Honda’s upscale division.

With state-of-the-art design technologies and a work layout focused on improving collaboration, the new studio marks the next step in the advance of the Acura image.

“This (studio) will help conceive and design the future of Acura,” said Toshihiko Nonaka, president of Honda R&D Americas (HRA).

“Our goal here is to create emotional designs that create a strong and distinct image for Acura products.”

A number of models, including the MDX SUV and TL performance sedan, have been designed, developed and engineered by HRA.

Moving Acura design activities into a state-of-the-art independent studio provides a clearer focus to advance the unique character of Acura.

Key technologies in the facility include a computer-generated virtual simulator that enables design stylists to display virtual vehicles in a one-to-one ratio.

Other features include the parallel arrangement of the interior and exterior design areas on the styling floor to better enable collaboration of designers involved in a new vehicle.

As the latest expansion of Honda’s product design and development capabilities in North America, the Acura Design Studio joins the Honda Design Studio in Torrance, Calif., and an Advanced Design Studio in Pasadena to further HRA’s existing Los Angeles centre for research and design.