The 2010 Acura MDX posted an “Excellent” overall score topping Consumer Reports tests of four luxury SUVs for the June 2010 issue.


The Acura MDX earned an overall road test score of 85, outperforming the Land Rover LR4 which earned a “Very Good” 73, the new Lincoln MKT, which earned a “Very Good” 72, and the Audi Q7 which earned a “Very Good” 68.


With an improved powertrain that yields better acceleration and fuel economy, the MDX is now CR’s top-rated three-row luxury SUV. Only the MDX is Recommended among the four SUVs in this test group.


CR only Recommends vehicles that have performed well in its tests, have at least average predicted reliability based on CR’s annual auto survey of its more than seven million print and web subscribers, and performed at least adequately if crash-tested or included in a government rollover test.