When 23-year-old traffic controller Jennifer Beauregard was hit by a man texting behind the wheel, she was thrown from her boots, flew 30 metres down the road and landed on her head. Doctors didn’t expect her to survive.

A year later, Beauregard is alive but with permanent injuries, and is the focus of a new WorkSafeBC and BCAA public service ad (PSA) pleading with drivers to slow down and stay alert in construction zones.

“I was in a coma for six days and in hospital for two months,” said Beauregard, who suffered brain damage and a shattered pelvis. “The driver ... didn’t look up and see me holding my stop sign.”

Al Johnson of WorkSafeBC, said flag people are “extremely vulnerable” to inattentive and impatient drivers.

“Drivers need to slow down ... in construction zones so that there are no more fatalities and serious injuries.”

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