Any minute now they’ll appear and, once again, we’ll all go “wow” at our first sight of daffodils. Yellow is the colour of joy and who won’t feel a little lighter and brighter when daffodils finally start blooming?


If yellow flowers can pick up our spirits, why not include other yellows in our lives? Immediately thinking of wine — why not try a week of yellow-labelled wines? Goodness knows there is no shortage of them.


Wolf Blass once ruled the world with his famous Yellow Label Cabernet, but along came another Aussie winery with even bigger ideas. Yellow Tail is the current No. 1 seller in the world. However, smaller wineries understand the appeal of yellow, too. The following yellow-labelled apéritif, main course and dessert wines should help you get in the spring mood. And I expect they will be as fleeting as the daffodil itself.


Start your happy week-end with Wolf Blass Yellow Label Riesling. Lemony fresh with lots of force. Tropical fruit flavours kick in later, making it very gulpable. It is a must for spring cleaning the palate! Have it on its own, or with a seafood appetizer. It comes in a handy screwcap.


Campo Viejo Rioja might appear simple at first, but there’s charm that will keep bringing you back for more. It’s both everyday friendly and exotic — a unique combo and an LCBO gem. It is great with any well-seasoned meat dish, or just for sipping on the couch.

A splash of sweet wine always hits the spot before bed, or mid-afternoon on Sunday. 20 Bees Late Harvest Vidal feels almost as rich as a liqueur. It has gorgeous apricot and caramel flavours. It is like dessert in a bottle. A little of this goes a long way.

  • Saturday’s Vintages recommendations are posted on Plus, don’t miss Dom. de l’Ameillaud 04, VDP de Vaucluse, France — a yummy Rhône for only $9.95.

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LCBO No.: 505370

Price: $15.15



LCBO No.: 620997

Price: $14.15



LCBO No.: 18499

Price: 375ml/$18.95