Albro Lake-Harbourview Coun. Jim Smith asked HRM staff to prepare supplementary reports on the new $9.5-million Dartmouth bus terminal last night.

Smith said he has heard concerns from constituents concerning several aspects of the new bus terminal, from encroachment on the Dartmouth Common to environmental issues.

But Smith said one of the overarching concerns about the project is people don’t have enough information — and the information available he considers vague.

“There are alternate sites, but we’ve only really heard that they’re not suitable,” he said.

Smith said he’s also heard concerns from the Dartmouth High School advisory committee concerning increased traffic of both vehicles and pedestrians travelling on or near school grounds.

“Will there be more fumes around, will there be increased people coming through the school during school hours to access the transit terminal?” he said. “So there’s a lot of concerns around (the project) that really haven’t been answered.”

The supplementary reports will be delivered to the Harbourview East Community Council, which meets tomorrow. Portland-East Woodlawn Coun. Bill Karsten, who sits on the council, said if the supplementary reports are not ready by tomorrow’s meeting, a special meeting may be called later in the month.

Also last night, council directed staff to develop a deal with Refreshments Canada to decrease energy consumption by vending machines by 25 per cent.

The initiative is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5,000 tonnes and save about $500,000 in energy costs to owners and operators.

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