rick eglinton/torstar news service


TTC workers listen to a speech by Bob Kinnear (not in picture), president of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113, at city hall yesterday.

With the possibility of a strike looming, TTC workers have launched a public relations campaign touting themselves as "Worth a Million" in social, economic and environmental value to the city.

Their union is recommending workers reject a first contract offer in a vote tomorrow. If the two sides fail to reach a deal by the end of the month, when the current agreement expires, a strike is possible.

The ad campaign is based on a report that puts the TTC’s value at nearly $12 billion annually — or about $1 million for each of the system’s 10,000 employees.

"It emphasizes the importance of our members’ work to the city of Toronto. Hopefully the politicians, the commissioners, the powers that be, will recognize we are not a cost to the city, but a benefit to the city," said Bob Kinnear, president of the 8,000-member Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113.