For some, packing for a picnic or camping trip can be an extreme sport on its own. Take the work out of preparing meals by getting your paws on the right accessories for your next picnic.

“There are all kinds of ways to carry food with you and not allow it to go bad, or leak out,” says Jim Adams, a Mountain Equipment Co-op staffer. “What you want to do is get the air tight containers that don't stain, break, or take in the smells of your foods.”


Adams says travelling with food and camping out is easy when you have the right things to store and prepare them with.

Mountain Equipment Co-op is filled with everything from hiking gear to vacuum packed trail mix and everything in between for that outdoor trip or picnic.

Lexan is the magic word when packaging food in camping or picnic containers. It is virtually unbreakable and won't disintegrate into your food when stored.

“There are a variety of dried food packs you can take with you that make pretty good meals when you add water,” Adams says.

And, if you don't know how to cook — one author believes you can learn. Totally Camping author Helene Siegel offers recipes for outdoor adventure eaters.

Siegel offers a selection of do-it-yourself recipes that are great for feeding the truly hungry.

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