The fact that Ryan Reynolds has become a big star in Hollywood perhaps surprises nobody more than Ryan Reynolds.

“I had no expectations, therefore I’ve had very little disappointment in my career,” said the Canadian actor recently in Los Angeles.

“It has been an evolution to really appreciate — I wouldn’t dare say perfect this craft because you never do that — but appreciate it to the point that I want to try as many different kinds of work as I can.”

And that’s just what Reynolds is doing. Having shaken off the media attention that comes with marrying a star like Scarlett Johansson or being named one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men, the down-to-earth 32-year-old is now focusing on the four films he has coming out this year.

First up is Adventureland (in theatres this Friday), the amusement park-set comedy in which Reynolds plays a seasoned mechanic engaged in an extramarital affair with a much younger carnival worker.

“I like the thought that this guy has inserted himself into a situation where he can be the big fish in a small pond — and the worst kind of pond too. It’s a bunch of kids working a summer job,” said Reynolds, who admittedly plays a bit of a creep, but a charming creep nonetheless.

“There is something incredibly appealing about playing a guy who lives a fantasy life — I know people like that,” admitted Reynolds.

Soon after Adventureland, Reynolds will return to action in the highly-anticipated thriller, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While he’s quick to appreciate landing a role in a guaranteed blockbuster, Reynolds also realizes avoiding those huge films may be the secret to his unplanned success.

“Because I haven’t had a Titanic or one of these movies that would thrust you into a spotlight that you’ll never get out of, I’ve been lucky to do the kind of movies I want to do,” he said.

“When you have stupendous success in one genre, it’s difficult to do work outside of that genre — you really have to earn it at that point. So I feel like I’m doing a lot of my earning now.”