Ben Affleck says it’s important to be skeptical of celebrities who peddle pet causes, but that won’t stop him from advocating for an end to the violence in Sudan, reports.

“I think it’s probably a healthy thing to keep that level of cynicism about celebrities who get involved with things,” the actor told CNN in an interview from the war-torn country last week.

“[But] it’s largely irrelevant what one thinks of me,” he added. “I could be vain and self-aggrandizing, but it’s totally irrelevant to what I’ve pointed the camera at – showing you something that is completely honest, which is that this situation and this potential civil war here demands attention regardless of what you think about me.”

The Oscar winner said he has been travelling in Sudan to learn about the situation on the ground and talk to experts.

“I wanted to really feel like I understood the place and learn as much as I could about it, before I got into trying to be an advocate,” he said.

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