Three moms give their thoughts on budget-friendly healthy eating.

The stay-at-home mom
Samantha Mellen
Two boys: Lucas, 2, and Joshua, 4 months
What we feed our kids when they’re young is the foundation they’ll have as they grow up. I do a lot of foods and snacks that are easy to prepare, but also healthy. Carrots with dressing, yogurt, string cheese, peanut butter with an apple and crackers are all snacks we enjoy.

I buy organic milk, meat and produce. Thankfully, places like Costco make buying organic meat and fruit affordable. I make my own baby food which is super easy and affordable. My two-year-old’s first food (at six months) was an avocado. I’m really into what I feed my kids. However, I’ve also learned that if he wants a cookie, one every now and then won’t hurt. Balance is a great thing — and make cookies that much better!

The high-powered working mom
Avis Jones-DeWeever
Executive Director, National Council of Negro Women
Mother of two boys, Aidan, 7, and Guy, 14

Many things in life have come naturally to me. Cooking, unfortunately, is not one of them. Complicating this issue further is the complexity of contending with the time constraints that every working mother must face. For me, the answer has been gadgets, smart substitutions, and keeping on hand healthy snacks.


My best friend these days is an electronic pressure cooker/slow cooker. This one-pot miracle allows me to prepare the heart of meals in advance. I also routinely make healthier selections in the grocery store, like real fruit and vegetable juices instead of soda, turkey, instead of pork or beef, and yogurt and fresh fruits. Still, I’m no healthy food purist. There’s just no substitute for family bonding over chocolate chip cookies and mik

The hippie mom
Lili Meier
Owner, with husband, of My Little Green Shop, which sells organic and sustainable baby products online
Has a son, Sebastian, 25 months, and a daughter, Savara, nine months

Thankfully, my hubby and I are on the same page when it comes to feeding our babes. We provide the healthiest food we can. We serve home-cooked meals (practically) every day, and choose organic food (fruit, veggies, dairy products and meat).

To help get a handle on the cost, we go to farmers markets and try to stick with seasonal locally produced food. To save time we often make big batches of something and then freeze a bunch so that on days when there’s not much time/energy, we can still make something that is healthy.

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