The neighbourhood at 119 Avenue and 122 Street has gotten a facelift in the form of 12 new townhomes, courtesy of a collaboration between the City of Edmonton and the Métis Capital Housing Corporation.

Representatives from the Métis Capital Housing Corporation as well as Mayor Stephen Mandel were present at the site to hand out keys and cut the inaugural ribbon Thursday afternoon.

“This is a $3.3-million project. It makes it really challenging. There have been some really tough and difficult days,” said Darlene Lennie, executive director of the housing group. “We have demonstrated to the community and ourselves that we can do it. We’re very proud.”

Mandel and other city representatives were present to admire the completion of the project from the perspective of Cornerstones: Edmonton’s Plan for Affordable Housing. Cornerstones granted $2.5 million in funding to the project.

The mayor emphasized the added value of integrating attainable housing with existing neighbourhoods.

“They’re good-looking units. They’re just well-designed, well put together. They’ll be great additions to the neighbourhood,” Mandel said.

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