A South African doctor has launched a new female condom aimed at preventing rapes — and she plans to give away 30,000 for free before the start of the World Cup.


The female condom, Rape-aXe, is covered by tiny hooks which, in case of rape, attach themselves to the attacker’s penis. According to its creator, the only way to remove the condom is in a hospital — where the man would be identified as a criminal.


Unlike previous prototypes, it would not cut the attacker’s skin, reducing the risk of HIV infection.


Its inventor, Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, said she was inspired by a rape victim who told her, “If only I had teeth down there.”

Dr. Ehlers says the device is vital to help women in a country with one of the highest rates of rape in the world. A survey by South Africa’s Medical Council found that 1 in 4 women in the country say they have been raped.

Responding to criticism, the inventor said: “Regrettably, you are always at risk being killed by your assailant, Rape-aXe will buy you time to get away.”