Get up plankers, and get off your perches owlers. There's a new viral online meme in town: Konying.


The KONY 2012 video by "Invisible Children" filmmaker Jason Russell may have over 83 million views on YouTube and another 17.4 million on Vimeo, but it's not the anti-Joseph Kony video that's making the rounds online today. A new clip, featuring Russell's naked, angry romp on a San Diego, Calif. beach community street corner (and caught on tape by bystanders) is now taking over the interwebs.


Russell's wife, Danica Russell, claimed in a statement that her husband doesn't have a substance abuse or drinking problem, and the strange behavior is due to stress from the harsh criticism about the original Kony video. He is seen raving about "the devil," nude in broad daylight.


While people debate whether or not the odd incident is due to drugs or a mental breakdown, many online are using the filmmaker's strange primal moves to display their frustration about a variety of things. From a Machinima employee konying over the Diablo III release date to another YouTube user konying in what seems to be his office, supporting #STOPHORNY — as many people are tagging their tweets online — is the new thing to do.


To successfully Kony, one must spread your legs apart, lean back and then pound the floor with the palms. Repeat this action as many times as necessary to get your point across. Wiggle your hips at the end for added affect. (Suggestion: Removing your clothes, although more accurate, is not necessary.)