COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark has been hit by a spate of vandalism where cars all over the country has been set on fire or hit by rocks or logs from highway bridges.


The wave of vandalism in Denmark follows one in neighboring Sweden, where more than 2,000 cars have been destroyed alone this year.


Twenty-six cars have been set on fire in the Danish capital Copenhagen during the past week. Around 20 cars across the country have been hit from bridges with objects, which cost the life of a German tourist in mid-August.


The police see no direct link between the two types of crimes, and have no suspects. The motives behind the crimes are also not clear.


"They say when somebody throws the first rock someone else will throw the next, so that is why we see these tendencies flourish," officer on guard Peter Gronbek from Copenhagen police told Reuters.


(Reporting by Annabella Pultz Nielsen; editing by Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen Editing by Jeremy Gaunt)