The dropping of fraud charges against a Toronto man accused of bilking dozens of investors out of $27 million has Attorney General Chris Bentley concerned, and the opposition warning Ontario’s courts are underfunded.

Police charged Tzvi Erez with fraud last year, alleging he was running a Ponzi scheme, using money from new investors to pay returns to his original investors. The victims were primarily members of Toronto’s Jewish community. It was learned this week that Crown prosecutors opted to drop the charges in September, blaming a lack of resources to go ahead with the complicated case.

The province “does not walk away” from criminal cases and always finds the money to prosecute serious charges,” insisted Bentley. “We have resources for the cases that need them and where more are required, we find them,” he said. “I have asked the chief prosecutor to get to the bottom of it, and I’ve asked for the report as quickly as possible.”

Not good enough, said the New Democrats, who want a much broader investigation into how the case was handled and why the charges were dropped.

“This requires a major investigation into how the Ministry of the Attorney General could screw up so thoroughly and so badly,” said NDP justice critic Peter Kormos.

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